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Our Committee


The Charity Trustees of the Club are all the members of the Management Committee: Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer,Secretary and General Members. They also form the Registered Provider for Ofsted. The Trustees have ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of the charity and ensuring it is solvent, well run, and remains true to its charitable purpose.

The Management Committee: 

The Constitution is the governing document for the Management Committee, which out lines the rules within which the Committee can operate.  The current copy of the signed Constitution (as at 12th July 2017) It can be downloaded here. 

The Committee meets on a regular basis, usually every month to 6 weeks, and holds an annual AGM.

The Committee oversees the management of the Club and ensures it acts legally and responsibly. It provides the structure within which the Club runs, such as the operating framework for the setting, policies and procedures.

The Committee carries out the annual appraisal of the Playcare Manager, and provides support where required. A table below outlines the main responsibilities of each Committee member.

Anyone interested in joining the Committee normally joins at our annual AGM usually held in November each year. However if you interested in joining, please let the Manager or Committee Chair know, as we are always keen to welcome new members. For further information on duties and what it is like to be on the committee, please ask a member of the committee or email us. 

The Current Committee Members for 2017/18 as appointed on 21st November 2017 are:

Kate Perris (Chair)

Kevin Lambdon (Vice Chair)

Dawn Lyons (Treasurer)

Samantha Austin (Secretary)

General Members as as follows:

Soeli Calvert and Mike Davies

All Committee Members undergo enhanced DBS checks. 

We also have a Club Administrator Shirley Wong who helps support us in carrying out all our administrative duties.

Our activities include writing and reviewing policies and club documentation; communicating with Ofsted and the Charity Commission; responding to  parent and school communications; Human Resources administration; and planning and progressing issues to help us achieve the replacement of our portacabin.  

If you have any issues that you would like to raise with the committee please email - please note however that the Committee does not handle places at the Club.

If you have any queries as regards places at any of the clubs, please contact the Playcare Manager Pauline Coulton on or on 07758 656925.

Committee Broad Roles  & Responsibilities


  • ensures the Management Committee functions properly for example according to its constitution & the organisation is managed effectively;
  • provides support and supervision to the Playcare Manager;
  • is a figurehead for the organisation.

Vice Chair

  • supports the Chair;
  • deputises for the Chair when required;


  • ensures meetings are effectively organised and minuted;


  • ensures there are effective financial systems and procedures in place;
  • ensures these are in line with best practice and legal requirements.

General Members

  • support the Club with ideas, challenges and fundraising activities.

Club Administrator (Club Staff) 

  • Supports the Committee by maintaining effective records and carrying out Club administration.

 Last Updated January 2018.

21st November 2017 AGM Minutes

The Minutes of the AGM Meeting held on Tuesday 21st November 2017 can be downloaded by clicking this link.

12th July 2017 SGM Minutes

The Minutes of the SGM Meeting held on Wednesday 12th July 2017 can be downloaded by clicking this link.

2016 AGM Minutes

The Minutes of the AGM Meeting held on Wednesday 23rd November 2016  can be downloaded by clicking this link.